About us


We seek to promote the growth of art and design in Puerto Rico through the creation of unique pieces created by Puerto Rican hands. Enspacio is a design studio dedicated to manufacture and sell decorative home products. We provide diverse digital fabrication service’s to clients and business using contemporary manufacturing methods.

The Team

Michael C. Pujols Vázquez

Michael C. Pujols Vázquez is a designer from Puerto Rico who believes Industrial Design is a combined balance between science, engineering and art, where we can design from something as small as a paperclip to as big as a rocket. A proactive learner, he attended the International School of Design and Architecture of Universidad Ana G Mendez, Mayor Industrial Design, Minor Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Certified Digital Fabrication Technician program. During the course of his academic career, also managed to accrue work experience where he apiles problem-solving, creative thinking and technical skills. He explores the possibilities of materials in products and how to develop a CAM process to them.

Fabiola Delgado Arroyo

Fabiola Delgado Arroyo is a Puerto Rican industrial designer, oboist and muralist. From an early age she developed an interest in the arts and music. She was under the mentorship of the Puerto Rican plastic artist Carlos Acevedo. Delgado then pursued university studies in Oboe performance at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music. It is in this place where the interest in the manufacture of Oboe reeds and the manufacture of various instruments arises. She decides to study Industrial Design with a minor concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CMEI) at the International School of Design and Architecture at the Ana G. Méndez University, Gurabo campus. Fabiola is a versatile designer with interest in materials, their versatility and crafty ways to achieve the materials optimum potential.




Howard J. Reyes Huertas

Howard J. Reyes Huertas envisions ways to show the versatility of industrial design in Puerto Rico through;  materials, art and solutions. He began studying Industrial Design at the International School of Design of the Ana G. Mendez University.  Where he first became passionate about furniture manufacturing, he gradually developed skills that made him stand out and led him to various internships at various local manufacturing workshops. Passionate about the Manufacturing process and how to achieve high quality results.  He likes to keep up with trends in materials, digital manufacturing, and market research.  An avid activist, he has a gift for social connection, knowing how to sell is one of his strengths.  His experience ranges from carpentry, furniture and kitchen design, technology products and lighting.  Howard is well suited to local field work to meet customer needs.